Rock Chip Repair

Rock chip in car window

Replacing a damaged windshield should never be your first port of call. In the case of minor chips and cracks, Handy Auto Glass will get your windshield repaired at a fraction of the cost.

Damage caused by small rocks flying off the road is extremely common. And while chips and cracks may at first seem unimportant, you cannot afford to leave them unattended. The longer you leave the crack or chip unattended, the more roadway dirt will accumulate in it. This will make repairs more visible.

More significantly, fluctuations in temperature and road vibrations cause the smallest fissures to expand, until you inevitably have to replace the whole windshield.

To repair a chipped windshield, technicians will:

  1. prepare the vehicle by covering the hood and front interior for protection
  2. dry the windshield if wet
  3. clean the chip using primer
  4. vacuum air from the broken area as resin is injected into the damaged glass
  5. cure the resin with a UV lamp
  6. scrape away excess resin and smooth and polish the repaired glass

Vehicle owners should note a few things:

  • chips and cracks on the edges of the windscreen cannot be repaired
  • repairs do not completely eliminate visual obstruction
  • damage in the driver’s line of sight require a full replacement

Repairs can usually be completed on-site in as little as 30 minutes. Request trained technicians to come to your location or have the windshield repaired in-shop.


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