Rear Car Window Replacement

Rear window of car

Even on a highly desirable car, a rear window is not terribly exciting. It’s just kind of ‘there,’ and one of those things that you only ever think about when it’s stopped doing what it’s supposed to, like when it’s broken. It’s more common to break a front windshield, but it does happen, and when it does, you need to get it replaced.

Your rear window is also known as rear glass, back glass or rear windshield, although it’s made in a different way from your front windshield, which is laminated. Most rear and side windows are tempered, and when hit with enough force they will shatter into thousands of tiny annoying and inconvenient pieces, making you rue the day that your child discovered baseball.

Just like every other bit of glass in a vehicle, the rear window adds its strength to the body of your car, truck, or SUV’s body, making it much less likely to crumple and the glass pop out in a rollover.

Replacing a rear window is not really a do-it-yourself job. While it’s possible, it’s also tricky, and by the time you’ve invested in some of the uncommon tools needed to do it well, you’d have been better off getting a pro to do it for you.

That pro will first off make sure that all areas surrounding the window, external bodywork and interior are protected. Next, they will make sure that they remove as much of the shattered glass from the vehicle as possible. Then, they will cut and peel away the seals of glue that hold the rear windshield in place. They will apply a primer to the exposed frame and allow it to dry, before putting on a special bonding glue to the rear window to make sure a proper fit is achieved.

The new glass will then be carefully set in place and any original fittings put back. The glue takes an hour to dry so it’s recommended that you don’t drive the car in that time; which is fine. Just grab a coffee and convince your child that ping-pong might be a candidate for the role of ‘fun new favorite sport.’


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