Moon Roof And Sun Roof Repair

Moonroof of car

On a warm sunny day, a sunroof or moonroof can be a great luxury while you’re cruising down the street. But when they break unexpectedly, it can quickly start feeling like a curse.

If the weather suddenly turns from sunshine to rain and your moonroof breaks or a seal starts to leak, you also run the risk of doing significant damage to the interior. As a result, there’s an obvious need for immediate repair or replacement as it’s much easier for rain and the elements to seep through.

The majority of sunroofs and moonroofs are made with tempered glass which is built to be strong through a process of heating and rapid surface cooling. A minority of models use laminated safety glass which is made up of two layers of tempered glass with a polymer in between.

Although most people use the terms sunroof and moonroof interchangeably, there is a technical difference. Both panels in the roof allow you to get some fresh air or sunlight inside the vehicle, but a sunroof is usually a solid body colored panel that either pops up or is removable.

A moonroof, on the other hand, is a type of sunroof that’s a sliding glass panel. This is what’s common today as the majority of new cars have moonroofs. What’s technically considered to be a sunroof has gone out of style, but it can always come back.

Common Sunroof and Moonroof Problems

Like everything else in life, over time sunroofs and moonroofs can stop working for several reasons. Sometimes the motors break or the tracks stop working because of natural wear and tear. If this happens, you typically won’t need to completely replace the glass as it will require a motor or parts repair.

The actual glass can also get chipped, cracked, or even break as a result of rocks, hail, or any other miscellaneous flying debris. If it’s a small crack or chip (that is less than the size of a credit card), you can usually get it repaired without completely replacing the glass.

Over time your moonroof can also start leaking. This is usually caused by leaves or some other debris clogging the drainage system. So to unclog it, you have to physically clean the drain tubes which are basically four holes that are found in each corner.

So unless a massive rock or some other large debris comes crashing through your moonroof, you will probably only have to deal with some repairs (and not a complete replacement of the glass).


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