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Windshield replacement in parking lot

Do you have a crack smaller than a credit card on your windshield? Let’s repair it! Do you have a gaping hole in your windshield or a crack obstructing your view? Let’s replace it!

Handy Auto Glass gets it – most people don’t have the time to drive to a shop and sit around while their windshield is being repaired. Most of the time, windshield damage will happen at the most inconvenient of times – when you are driving to work, driving your kids to school or driving in bad weather conditions. You’re dealing with enough stress wondering if it’s still safe to continue driving your car or not.

Our highly trained technicians will come to your location so you can forget your worries and save that time you would have spent in a shop. It doesn’t matter if you have a small car, an SUV or a pickup truck; Handy can handle them all. Wherever you need the repair done, we will send local certified technicians and they will take care of your vehicle right where it is parked.

Handy offer this mobile service at no additional charge. This could be at your house; the parking lot at your work; in the school parking lot of your children’s recital and even outside an amusement park! Generally, our shop sends out technicians during normal business hours but you can confirm exact timing once we get in touch.

If you are interested in the mobile repair service, we advise to have your vehicle in an area free of major dust and dirt – such as a construction site, and leave at least a five foot open perimeter and seven foot ceiling height around the vehicle. Once the technician arrives, you can continue on with what you were doing until you get the call that your car is done.

Handy does mobile repair or replacement. With a replacement, the technician will remove and transfer your rear view mirror and legal stickers to the new windshield. If you have broken glass inside the car, the technician will clean up the mess. There are cases when a full window replacement will require an in-shop visit and of course certain weather conditions would prevent technicians from completing the repair outside.

You can start driving your car as soon as the repair is completed. Simple crack repairs take about 30 minutes. For windshield replacements, the technician will put tape around the glass to ensure the new adhesive seal cures properly. Complete cure of the adhesive in a windshield replacement can take up to 24 hours, but you should be able to drive away within an hour or so of an installation. Our specialists will be glad to answer any other questions you may have about the procedure.


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