How To Remove Haze From Your Windshield

Clean Windshield

Common dirt and road oil deposits on your windshield are easily eradicated with dilute alcohol or ammonia solutions. The local car wash can take care of the problem.

However, sometimes your windshield develops a haze that proves difficult to remove using everyday window cleaner. One culprit may be over-spray of paint or other coating from somebody doing another project somewhere. Calcium or lime deposits can also muck up the clarity of your car glass. Over time, even air pollution can cause issues.

Removing Calcium, Lime And Rust

To fix the hard-to-clean cases, you need to take extra steps. When water spots are the issue, you can wipe the window with the identical water that caused the spots in the first place and then rinse with mineral free water.

The minerals left behind by hard water are typically calcium-based so a product called CLR – short for calcium, lime, rust – also takes care of the blotches. Lime and rust stains would be less common, unless you’ve driven in wet conditions near a cement factory or iron mine.

Removing Paint And Other Coatings

If it’s paint over-spray or residue from some other type of coating, wiping with acetone or turpentine will remove it. Just take care not to get any solvent on your vehicle’s paint because it can remove that as well.

Removing Haze Caused By Other Surface Contaminants

Now if your problem still exists, the next step is a cleaner called Barkeeper’s Friend, formulated with oxalic acid. Use it in conjunction with 0000 steel wool and it removes virtually anything. A stronger version of oxalic acid is wood bleach, but that’s not something people typically use on windshields.

Instead of oxalic acid formulations, another possibility is Clay Magic. It comes in two grits and the fine clay is the better choice for glass. Clay bar is a similar fix.

Removing Glass Haze Caused By Surface Wear

When nothing works, your last resort ends with mechanically polishing the windshield. This takes polishing compounds and pads specifically for glass. A rotary buffer will put swirl marks on your glass so you should use a random orbit in its place. Polishing takes a long time and you need to take care not to overheat the glass.

Polishing is such a hassle that instead you probably just want to get a windshield replacement.

Haze can be tricky to get rid of. These tips and tricks offer you ways to resolve your problem.


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