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Handy guarantees OEM or equivalent quality glass for the replacement and repair of car windshields and windows in Weston, Florida. Handy personnel use only the best quality materials and tools to complete our signature brand service. When our qualified team helps you with your vehicle’s windshield, they follow processes that strictly adhere to the national Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard. Our competently trained specialists have undergone the necessary technical indoctrination and in-shop experience to deliver the quality service you should expect from a professional windshield repair job. Enjoy a trouble-free installation from our friendly team of technicians and professionals.

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Handy Drives to You with Mobile Auto Glass Service

You don’t need to visit our Weston, Florida shop to get your broken window glass replaced. Should you need assistance, call our hotline and our technicians will be the ones who travel to your location to deliver the service that you need. Our fully stocked work vans will serve your needs wherever you are located. Weather may impact scheduling of outside repairs.


When Does Your Car Glass Need Replacement?

Damages exceeding the palm of your hand cannot be patched and require a window replacement. The consequences of living with a broken windscreen go beyond the obvious visual aesthetic: not attending to a windshield repair can impede the line of vision of the driver and endanger the well being of passengers. Further, not tending to damaged glass makes it prone to even further damage as cracks spread during bumpy drives and fluctuations in temperature. While small damage may be repairable, if it gets in the way of the driver seeing out of the windshield, it is still more practical and safe to replace the whole glass to prevent an accident. Our team guarantees the most cost effective service option.

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Overview of Windshield Reinstallation Process

During a new installation, electrical fittings are reattached and gasket and trim are used to cover the gaps between the glass and the car frame. Different makes and models of automobiles require different windshield gasket and trim. It may take up to twenty-four hours for a complete cure of the new adhesive holding the windshield, but you’ll be able to drive away typically in two to four hours. Ahead of adhesive, a primer is applied to improve the setting strength and durability of the bonding agent. When we get calls for auto glass service, we follow a checklist to make sure work gets completed accurately and completely. You can rest easy that Handy’s skilled technical experts will deliver an excellent repair and replacement. A critical part of the repair process is coating a rust inhibiting compound around the exposed areas of the frame before applying the urethane primer compound.

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Steps Involved in Auto Window Repair to the Door

Throwing cardboard or a plastic cover over your damaged glass is an invitation for thieves to steal from your car. Putting up a temporary cover may work for a time, but you may also end up with soggy carpets after a good rain. Our team of experts offers a lasting solution to your damaged car window problem. In a single morning or afternoon you can get rid of your worry and have bright new glass. During replacement, the glass is safely removed from the door panel and the interior of the vehicle. Glass debris is also vacuumed up. New glass is fitted and clamped in position. The raising mechanism is tested for reliability before and after reattaching the door assembly to its original position.

Installing the Rear Windscreen

Our team replaces shattered rear windows. The protocol includes cutting the glass out from its frame and striping off the excess urethane and weather stripping, similar to the process for replacing front windows. Once the adhesive is set, the trim and gaskets are reinstalled. Care is taken so that the rear defroster works properly.


Windshields Protect in More Ways than One

Car windows protect you not only from stiff winds, but also from the occasional rain storm or snow flurry. Auto glass plays a vital role in vehicle security plus supports the structural integrity of your car cabin. Some convenient features available today include cell phone antennas, blowers and rain sensors. The passenger airbag relies on strong front glass because it is specifically designed to bounce off the front passenger window. So the windshield’s role is greater than just blocking the outside weather and creating a clear line of site for the driver.

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The Behind-the-Scenes Story about Windshields

Edouard Benedictus’ discovered in 1903 that glass coated with the plastic cellulose nitrate resisted potentially dangerous shattering. He did not file a patent for another six years and then in 1911 started a company to sell a polymer-glass composite to the nascent automobile industry. It was not widely adopted at first by the car makers. The polymer used in windshields got an update in the 1930s when it was found that polyvinyl butyral (PVB) would not discolor when embedded between two layers of glass and the newly engineered material was not easily infiltrated during accidents. Today, usually PVB or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) are employed for making laminated glass. Windshields are made of tempered glass layers pressed over a film of polymer and then heated under pressure so that they block moisture ingress between the glass layers and do not delaminate or yellow with age.

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Drive Safely behind Tempered Glass

A strong material, tempered glass derives its durability from a repeated rapid heating and cooling process (tempering). It’s legislated in the auto glass requirements for vehicles’ windshields, side windows and other glass sections surrounding the car because of its formidable strength and resistance to breakage from blunt force knocks. The impact of a sharp object breaks tempered glass more easily than dull objects, but when it does break, the pieces are typically not sharp enough to cause harm.

Expect Quality Service with Us

Your glass concerns will be discussed immediately upon your visit in our Weston shop with our client service adviser. Insurance coverage will be considered, and we can contact needed insurance representatives to make sure all avenues of savings are exhausted. If you wish, we can handle your car insurance submission and depending upon your coverage, complete your repair for just the cost of your deductible. Just sit back and relax as our team of expert technicians delivers what we do best: windshield replacement and repair. Once a course of action is decided upon, our team will inform you of costs and the time required for repairs. Our work includes a thorough inspection of the completed glass repair on your vehicle.

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