Handy Offers Quality Windshield Replacement Service in Sunrise

Enjoy the convenience and reliability of Handy Auto Glass. We make sure that our clients receive excellent value for their money when needing windshield replacement services in Sunrise, Florida. Our processes and materials adhere to the benchmarks set by federal regulations and industry standards, and likewise our replacement parts meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer’s quality specifications. Call us today and see how our services can help you. Cars, trucks, SUVs and fleet vehicles are serviceable by our technicians.

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Stuck? Try Our Mobile Auto Glass Repair Service

Mobile technicians can go to your location if ever your situation prevents you from driving on the road with your glass problem. Our team will schedule your auto service at a time that works best for you. For convenient auto glass replacement and repair, call us to reach the nearest service center in Sunrise, Florida. In a few more challenging cases, the car is brought to a Handy shop where we can give the specialized attention needed to fix any automotive glass. We offer quick and efficient mobile services wherever you are in the area.


Our Team Can Patch Rock Dings or Do a Full Replacement

Filling in a ding on your glass is often feasible for damage away from the edge of the glass up to a certain crack or rock chip size (driver’s license rectangular area). The patch or replace question depends upon the extent of damage (does not obstruct the view of the driver). If you leave a crack as is, vibration and weather can spread the crack. For the convenience of receiving an expert opinion, vehicle owners to let our Sunrise personnel assess the extent of car window damage to know whether it requires an auto glass repair or completely new glass. Resorting to repairing damaged glass when it should have been replaced can lead to further disintegration of the glass and can create a safety issue. Visual obstruction should be prevented at all times.

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Our Shops Follow Auto Industry Best Practices

Attaching a replacement windshield to the car requires preparing the work area. This includes laying special tape to protect the car finish ahead of applying rust inhibitor compound and spreading urethane adhesive primer on the surfaces to be mated. The glass is put in place firmly so that all bonding compounds and surfaces fit snugly with each other after which the window gasket fills the gaps at the attachment edges. Adhesive needs to be applied evenly on the surfaces to be glued together for a clean and durable bond. A gasket specific to the make and model of your vehicle seals the glass circumference. Electronic assists and accessories are also reinstalled and hooked back together at the end of an installation. To properly separate the damaged glass from the car frame, the old urethane adhesive needs cutting. With the glass safely removed, the bonding surfaces are cleaned of old adhesive and other debris to prepare for the new glass.

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Your Damaged Side Window Needs Prompt Attention

Replacing a broken side glass window employs a different approach than front glass to accommodate the door’s internal roller control mechanism. The side glass on your car serves to protect you and your passengers from car exhaust, weather, dirt and dust. Contact us today to get the good service you deserve. A shattered side window may not only allow weather and exhaust fumes to enter the car, but also make it easy for thieves to enter and steal belongings inside and even drive off with the vehicle. Our service starts with a review of your glass damage. Glass debris is completely removed from the door panel and interior by vacuuming. New glass is fitted and clamped in place with the door panel open. For newly installed side windows, we will check and, if necessary, repair any mechanical functionality, like raising and lowering the window.

How Rear Windshield Reinstallation Takes Place

Our team replaces bashed-up and crumpled rear windows. The procedure follows the same general steps for front windshield glass removal, reattachment and sealing with the exception that electrical components differ and no rear view mirror exists. The same materials and compounds are also used to give the rear glass the needed strength for creating a sturdy cabin structure. We offer replacement as well as windshield repair of small chips.


Modern Car Windows Provide Protection and Convenience

The windshield forms an important part of the car or truck. A damaged windshield compromises a car’s structural integrity, and in case of an accident, can lead to physical injury for the occupants. Windshields serve as your shield against the natural elements outside your car like rain, hail, wind, sun and pollution. Now, windshields feature many kinds of added functionality such as wipers, driver assist systems, defogging systems, polarized shades and more, all of which significantly improve the driving experience. Car glass features differ from one automobile brand to another.

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Evolution of the Windshield

To create the front-facing glass of a car, tempered glass layers are pressed together on a layer of poly-vinyl butryal (PVB) – the coating that prevents shattering. Since the early cars, improvements in safety and utility have been an ongoing evolution. At the turn of the twentieth century, when Edouard Benedictus slipped and pushed over a flask made of glass thinly coated with plastic, he discovered that the broken glass pieces did not burst like they usually do, but instead stayed together. He soon realized the importance of this observation for the nascent car industry. Once the technical bugs were worked out, car manufacturers adapted the new shatter-resistant glass for windshields.

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A Key Component of Laminated Glass

After going through a process of creating internal strain, sheet glass is transformed into tempered glass and can withstand up to ten times the collision force of non-tempered glass. Unlike laminated safety panes, tempered ones do not have a plastic film to contain broken pieces; so while it resists breakage, when it does smash the whole window can fall to bits. However, the resulting glass pebbles are generally not pointy enough to cause injury in an accident. Tempered glass is heavy-duty, designed to withstand blunt force shock.


Visit Us at the Nearest Handy Center in the Sunrise, Florida Area

Call us to schedule an appointment and on your arrival our experts will examine your vehicle and explain the steps necessary for either a small repair or replacement, including the time it will take to finish the work. Repair of a rock ding generally takes less than an hour while replacement can take up to four hours. Should you desire, the shop personnel can handle any insurance claim you wish to file, including all the processing and paperwork. Take advantage of our mobile service option where we can come to your location in order to complete the necessary work right in your driveway. Call us today and enjoy the friendly service at Handy.

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