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Handy Auto Glass provides flawless windshield replacement services in Plantation, Florida at convenient times for you during the work day. Our expert team is knowledgeable in both the classroom learning and the actual hands on techniques and experience needed to execute each task effectively. All materials used in our processes have been quality vetted and specially picked for the needs of our clients. Trained in up-to-date industry skills and recent automotive advances, our staff has the core competency you can count on to evaluate the damage affecting your car glass and effect the solution to best resolve the issue, guaranteeing your satisfaction while maintaining our reputation as a leading glass repair shop.

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Enjoy the Convenience of Our Repair On-the-Go

We offer mobile glass repair to our clients’ vehicles before they hit the road. While most jobs can be completed off site, in a few instances auto glass work needs to be finished inside our workshop where our specialized facilities are located instead of our mobile servicing option. Our team will carefully assess your vehicle and implement a solution on-site.


Our Team Can Do Repair or Replacement, Depending on the Situation

There are cases where it is unavoidable to go with a replacement over repair of a simple rock ding on a windshield, like when the damage occurs on the far edge of the glass. Dirt can accumulate in cracked and chipped areas, making repairs more visible, so it makes sense to deal with damage more quickly than not. For big cracks and holes, auto glass replacement offers the only solution; patching techniques apply only to small areas you can cover with a three to four inch diameter circle. If damage is left as is, the glass may crack further during vehicle use. Car window repair of small cracks is a lower cost option than full replacement.

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How a Windshield Replacement is Handled

At the outset of the job, interior and exterior car surfaces are covered to protect them from incidental damage. Our shops use OEM or equivalent quality glass with bonding agents that meet or exceed national standards. By using primer on the band around the front window, we strengthen the bond between the urethane adhesive and the new window. After removing gaskets and holding pins, the whole broken glass panel can be removed from its original position. With the surface cleaned, bare metal receives a special primer which inhibits the development of rust. Completed repairs undergo a thorough inspection.

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Finishing repair of windshield

Replacing a Side Car Window

Impact with a sharp point breaks your side window more easily than a dull object. When it does break, it can cause quite a mess from all the glass pebbles that scatter about. Talk with us so that our personnel can fix your window damage. Your side windows serve as protection against rain, dust and flying road junk. If one of your windows becomes compromised, these elements will have an entry point into your vehicle, potentially ruining your upholstery and raising the risk of injury. You do not need the emotional distress! Our service starts with a review of your glass damage. The side window replacement involves disassembling the door, fitting new glass into the door socket and putting the entire assembly back together. The raising mechanism is tested for reliability after completing the repair.

Handy Fixes Rear Windscreens

Pros remove the damaged glass from the car by cutting it out together with the bonding adhesive residues and coating. The surfaces are then cleaned before fitting new glass to the car frame. The bonded surfaces get coated with a rust inhibitor, urethane primer and urethane adhesive compounds before repair specialists put on the new glass and finish the job with electrical and gasket components.


Your Car’s Window Protects You and Your Passengers from Hazards and Inconvenience

An intact windshield is a necessity in any vehicle. Windshields serve more benefits than just being a shield from the wind: they provide structural rigidity to the whole cabin area, prevent the elements from entering inside and ensure passenger safety. Some of the features available today include cell phone antennas, blowers, and rain sensors. In the early years of automobile development, the glass installation simply prevented weather from impeding the handling ability of the driver. Attending industry conventions and reading technical releases from the manufacturers enable shops in our network to keep on top of changes to new makes and models of automobiles.

Pro adding crack patch to windshield

Events Leading to the Innovation Called Auto Glass

A plastic coating on a broken glass container will contain the sharp shards of glass. This may seem obvious today, but when automobiles first arrived on the scene, broken glass presented a big problem. Fortunately, a polymer researcher at the turn of the twentieth century observed the behavior of coated broken glass when he accidentally pushed over a glass beaker containing his dried-up polymer experiment. Material scientists and engineers have since developed laminated safety windows used in today’s vehicle. The polymer researcher from long ago had inadvertently discovered the worlds first laminated glass!

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Your Car Occupants Stay Safe from the Strength of Tempered Glass

Tempered glass, layered like a sandwich with a polymer filling, satisfies the important need for safe and strong windshields. While laminated auto safety glass includes tempered glass as a component, the tempered glass also performs alone in other requirements of cars. The properties of tempered glass derive from a post-treatment process implemented after the sheet glass gets manufactured using the molten tin glass float method.


Call the Shop Nearest You in the Plantation, Florida Area

We make sure that our clients’ preferences are adhered to and your auto glass needs well-taken care of during the repair day. Once you visit our shop with your glass inquiries and concerns, our friendly personnel will walk you through the repair process step by step. Our accommodating staff will provide a quote along with our suggestion for a practical remedy with the time needed to finish the glass work. Submission of the necessary documents for the insurance claims can be handled by our personnel to assist you. Call us to schedule your repair, whether it be at our Plantation shop or at your location via mobile service.

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