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Handy Auto Glass does flawless windshield replacement services at convenient times for you during the work day. When our qualified team helps you with your vehicle’s windshield, they strictly follow the national Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard. Our expert team is knowledgeable in both the classroom learning and the actual hands on techniques and experience needed to perform each task effectively. We uphold the quality of our installations and work by keeping the team up to date on the newest technologies and repair protocols. All materials used in our processes have been quality vetted and specially picked for the needs of our customers.

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Mobile Windshield Repair on the Go

Our standby experts will go directly to your vehicle so you can get on about your day without the hassle of running your vehicle to our shop. In the unlikely event the damage is unrepairable on-site, a visit to our nearest shop will be the next viable course of action. We replace car glass and fix rock dings at a location of your choice. When in need of a windshield replacement Pembroke Pines drivers can rely on Handy for roadside service.


When to Know If Glass Needs a Simple Repair

If the damage exceeds the size of a hockey puck, keeping the damaged windshield could cause accidents from visual obstruction. If you leave it as is, vibration and weather could cause further degradation. The effects go beyond the cracks seen on the glass: not attending to a windshield repair undermines the structural integrity of the passenger cabin and endangers the well being of passengers.
There are cases with small damage where replacement proves the only alternative, such as damage near the edge of glass or defects in the line of vision of the driver, especially when road grime has worked its way into the damaged area.

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Handy Pros Follow Auto Glass Best Practices

The new front glass is placed over the frame firmly so that all bonding compounds and surfaces fit snugly with each other while setting the gasket to fill the gaps in the attachment edges. A step by step procedure needs to be followed when a car windshield needs installation. A windshield also includes various electrical attachments and modern accessories like heads up displays and rain sensors that need disassembly and reassembly during a new install. The glass bonds to the vehicle with a urethane adhesive. Removing the damaged glass requires cutting through this adhesive and then the new glass requires fresh bonding compounds. The full cure time for most adhesives is twenty-four hours, although vehicles can be picked up and driven after a few hours in the shop. While it looks simple, replacing a windshield correctly takes training and experience, the kind you can rely upon from Handy technicians.

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Why You Should Fix Your Damaged Car Door Window

Your side windows serve as protection against external elements (rain, dust, snow) from entering your vehicle. It is best to call our hotline and let our expert team handle your immediate glass problem before complications arise from water and dirt entering your vehicle. Replacing a broken side glass window requires special attention to the door’s internal roller control mechanism, making sure old bits of glass are cleaned out before new glass gets inserted. A thorough inspection is required of the electrical and mechanical elements to make sure moisture has not damaged components. To fix and replace the broken window, the door assembly first needs to be exposed within the door frame. Remaining glass is detached from its holders and then replaced with a new piece. Once reattached, the window mechanism is tested for functionality, and the door panel is put back in its position.

Rear Windscreen Glass Repair

Replacing rear windshields involves many of the same steps as front glass removal and reattachment. The major variance concerns electrical and mirror elements. Our team replaces totaled and smashed rear windows. The surfaces are cleaned before fitting new glass to the car frame. After applying anti-corrosion primer on the exposed metal and urethane primer on the window’s frit, technicians use urethane adhesives to bind the window to the car’s frame and then re-install the trim and the back gaskets.


Your Windshield Serves Many Purposes

Car windows not only protect you from the air rushing past while you drive, but also from snow, rain and general muck. Thanks to today’s technology, convenient functions now accompany the windshield: defogging mechanisms, proximity sensors, reactive tints and rain sensors. While windshields insulate driver and passengers from outside weather and dirt, windshields serve more benefits than just being a shield from the wind: they provide structural rigidity to the whole cabin area, offering safety even in the event the vehicle rolls over. In a compromised windscreen, the passenger airbag is affected because it is specifically designed to bounce off the front passenger window.

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Some History about the Windshield

Creating laminated glass requires the combination of two layers of tempered glass squeezing a middle sheet of polyvinyl butyral, exposure to high temperatures and uniform pressing with rollers to bond the layers together without any air bubbles. The material’s discovery dates to the early 1900s by a French chemist by the name of Benedictus. Early windshields shattered like a drinking glass, and while they blocked wind and bugs, the glass certainly presented a hazard during an accident. Development of the windshield didn’t happen overnight.

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Tempered Glass Designed for Strength and Safety

The impact of a sharp object breaks tempered glass more easily than a blunt object, but when it does break, the pieces are typically not sharp enough to cause harm. Only non-shattering laminated safety glass gets used in windshields. Tempered glass matured into today’s material of choice for brands of car makers around the world.


Experience Our Friendly Client Service

Talk to our team in Pembroke Pines and we will handle all the details, including communication with your insurance provider if you desire. A remedy for fixing your damages (repair of a rock chip or replacement) and the duration of the work will be presented to you, leaving you well-informed about the process. We offer a same day service option – drive your car home within two to four hours with a new windshield in most cases! A service professional will give you all the details so that you know exactly what to expect with your car. Once a course of action is decided upon, our team can check whether your existing insurance covers your repair/replacement expenses.

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