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You can always turn to the Handy Auto Glass team of windshield replacement experts if ever you are in a bind with your car glass or car window in North Miami. Cars, trucks, SUVs and fleet vehicles are serviceable by our technicians. We guarantee a trouble-free installation to all of our customers from our highly competent team of technicians and professionals. We certify that our procedures of installation, as well as the materials used, meet or exceed industry standards like the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard.

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No Time? Go with Our Mobile Auto Glass Repair

We visit you! In the unlikely event the damage is unrepairable on-site, a visit to our nearest shop in the North Miami area will be the next viable course of action. We offer mobile glass repair to your vehicle at your work or home. For convenience and time-saving repairs, call our hotline, and our technicians will be the ones to travel to your location to deliver the service that you need.

Get Small Cracks Fixed Right Away Before They Grow

It is necessary for vehicle owners to let our expert North Miami personnel assess the extent of car window damage to know whether it requires a small auto glass repair or completely new glass. Auto glass replacement costs more than repairing a small rock ding, therefore choosing windshield repair makes sense when the patched windshield will perform as well as a new windshield. Repairing a crack in your car window would extend its life, but it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have renewed problems in the future. Dirt can accumulate in cracked and chipped areas, making repairs more visible, so it makes sense to deal with damage more quickly than not. When the degree of the damage exceeds a certain point—for example, if the damaged portion is comparable to the size of a mobile phone — then the window needs replacement.

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Our Shop Procedures Follow Auto Industry Best Standards

After putting in a new windshield, and while the adhesive is setting and drying, shop personnel install gaskets to fill gaps around the window to complete an installation. An adhesive bead needs to be applied evenly on the glass for a good bond with the steel surfaces of the car. To properly separate the damaged glass from the car frame, the old urethane adhesive needs cutting. With the broken glass safely removed, the new bonding surfaces are cleaned and followed with an application of primer to the car frame. The primer improves the bond of the adhesive. Special protective tape prevents excess rust inhibitor compound from reaching the car finish. The glass gets lowered onto the metal frame of the car using suction holders The points of contact are lined up and the glass is pushed into the pinch weld. The final step is adding back accessories and making any necessary electronic hookups. Replacing a windshield seems like a simple process yet it takes a great deal of expertise and experience to perform an effective installation.

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Do Not Neglect Your Damaged Side Window

If there is a hole or temporary cover where your side window used to be, your passengers, belongings and the interior of your car can be compromised. By choosing us to help, you and your loved ones receive peace of mind that comes from service and quality. The side windows of your car protect you and your passengers from the outside elements and debris. Replacing a side window requires taking apart the car door to access the internal parts that secure the window. Before installing a new pane, broken glass needs to removed completely, not just in the door but also any crumbs that may be in the passenger compartment. The new glass is fitted and clamped into the window guides. Reattachment of the door and recleaning of the interior completes the process.

Let Our North Miami Team Handle your Rear Window Damage

Replacing broken rear auto glass is similar to replacing a damaged windshield. The procedure follows the same general steps for windshield glass removal, reattachment and sealing with the exception that electrical components differ and no rear view mirror exists. After applying anti-corrosion primer on the exposed metal and urethane primer on the window’s frit, technicians use urethane adhesives to bind the window to the car’s frame and then re-install the trim and the back gaskets.


The Importance of a Strong and Durable Windshield

The windshield forms an integral part of the car or truck. In the early years of automobile development, the glass installation was simply seen as a way to prevent wind and weather from impeding the handling ability of the driver. Today’s cars rely on the front glass for gadgets like heads-up displays and safety, like the need for the passenger-side airbag to bounce off the front glass in most vehicles. That’s why car and truck owners need to maintain the strength of their windshields, so that they can enjoy its benefits and preserve peace of mind. The front glass offers other critical benefits, like enhancing the structural strength of the passenger compartment in the car and providing an unobstructed field of vision in all weather and driving speeds.

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Tempered Glass and the History of the Windshield

During a normal day at the laboratory, a researcher, while looking at polymerization reactions, accidentally pushed over a glass beaker. To his surprise, the glass pieces remained together. Development of the windshield didn’t happen overnight. Since the early cars, improvements in safety and utility have undergone a continuing evolution. Early glass for cars had a geometrically flat surface. Innovation in manufacturing methods allowed the creation of the curved glass windshields enjoyed today for reducing wind resistance and giving designers more flexibility in coming up with eye-catching car models. Laminated glass became the required material for making windshields many years ago.

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Some Facts About Tempered Glass

Plate glass production generally relies on a technology known as the molten tin glass float manufacturing method. The strength in tempered glass comes from taking the plate glass and subjecting it to specific heating and cooling cycle that forces the glass into a permanent state of high compression. Tempered glass takes a lot more force to break than plate glass and it tends to crumble into small blunt pieces when broken rather than pointy shards. These properties make it desirable for for application in motor vehicles.


We Deliver Client-Focused Service

Once you visit our Florida shop with your glass inquiries and concerns, our friendly personnel will walk you through the repair process step by step. Talk to our team and we can handle all the communication with your insurance provider, including submission of the necessary documents for the insurance claim. If you decide to drop off your vehicle, before leaving our shop you’ll have an estimate of the repair time and a firm quote on the work to be done. And you can relax knowing our services are guaranteed, and our shops have technicians with years of experience.

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