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Handy Auto Glass installs OEM or equivalent quality car windshields and windows. We guarantee a trouble-free installation to all of our customers from our highly competent team of technicians and professionals. Trained in up-to-date industry skills and recent automotive advances, you can count on us to assess the extent of damage to your car glass and proceed with the most economic solution to fix the problem, guaranteeing your satisfaction while maintaining our reputation as an expert in our field. Cars, trucks, SUVs and fleet vehicles are serviceable by our technicians.

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Try Out Our Roadside Repair

Our technicians can go to your location if ever your situation prevents you from driving on the road with your glass problem. Our team can quote you and schedule your auto service as soon as you call. For convenient auto glass replacement and repair, call us to reach the nearest service center in Miramar, Florida. We will come to your aid most any day of the week, excluding Sundays and Holidays, if you need immediate replacement.


Our Pros Do Crack Repair and Full Replacement

Our team guarantees the most cost effective service option. Auto glass replacement costs more than repairing a crack, therefore choosing windshield repair makes sense when the patched windshield will perform as well as a new windshield. It is necessary for vehicle owners to let our expert personnel assess the extent of car window damage to know whether it requires a simple auto glass repair or completely new glass. Repairing a chip in your car window would extend its life, but it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have renewed problems in the future.

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When You Need a Windshield Replacement Miramar Technicians Follow a Detailed Process

In order to remove front auto glass, we cut through the urethane adhesive bond attached to the car’s structural frame. Windshield gasket and trim seal the gaps found on the edges of the auto glass. Adhesive is applied evenly on the surfaces to be glued together. With the surface cleaned, bare metal receives a special primer which inhibits the development of rust. After a replacement, electronic assists and accessories are reinstalled and hooked together. It takes learned skill and technical expertise to deliver an excellent repair and replacement. Unless instructed otherwise, existing parts, like clips and trim, are kept for re-use if they are still undamaged and reliable.

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Enjoy Great Service with Handy Auto Glass

Procrastinating on fixing your vehicle’s busted out window, you’re an easy target for car theft. Throwing cardboard or a plastic cover over the damaged glass is also an invitation for thieves to steal from your car. By choosing us to help, you and your loved ones receive peace of mind that comes from service and quality. Side windows protect the well-being of the people inside the vehicle, as well as their belongings. To fix and replace the broken window, our technicians first separate the door assembly from the car frame. Should there be glass debris inside your vehicle, we will clean and vacuum your car before we install any new windows. Reattaching the door cover and recleaning the auto interior completes the repair process.

Replacing the Rear Glass

Replacing rear windshields ensues in the same manner as front glass removal and reattachment. The major variance concerns electrical and mirror elements. Pros remove the damaged glass from the car by cutting it out together with the bonding adhesive residues and coating. Damaged glass is cut from the vehicle frame, and sealing and bonding elements are removed. Urethane primer and adhesive are applied to the surfaces to be bonded. The bonded surfaces get coated with a rust inhibitor to prevent oxidation of the steel under the glass, and then repair specialists put on the new glass and finish the job with electrical and gasket components.


Some Important Features of Windshields

Car windows not only protect you from winds on the highway, but also from airborne road hazards. Auto glass plays a vital role in vehicle security plus supports the structural integrity of your car cabin. That’s why car and truck owners need to maintain the strength of their windshields, so that they can enjoy its benefits and preserve peace of mind. Windshields also serve as your protection against the natural elements outside your car such as rain, hail, sun and exhaust fumes. Damaged glass can thwart the safety engineered into car windows plus cause malfunction of accessories dependent upon a healthy piece of glass.

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Chance Happening Led to Laminated Glass Windshield Material

“My gosh, the glass container did not shatter,” Edouard Benedictus thought to himself. A practicing chemist in France, he had accidentally discovered the material known as laminated glass. He had been working in the lab that day when he bumped over the glass container coated with a certain plastic compound. It went thud instead of spraying apart in tiny bits. Today’s windshields owe their thanks to this simple little accident. The discovery led to the auto glass material that protects millions of people each year from flying debris and road accidents.

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Tempered Glass for Auto Applications

Automobile glass is made using the Pilkington process, also know as the float process, whereby a sheet of molten glass is floated across a bed of molten metal, typically tin. The high surface quality of the glass, where no additional polishing is necessary, and the ease of manipulating its shape while in molten form, makes the glass perfect for motor vehicle applications. The additional step of tempering subjects the glass to a programmed heating and cooling process to build in permanent tension on the outside of the glass and compressive stress in the interior. This gives the glass strength and resistance to breakage.

We Deliver a Great Repair Experience

Choosing Handy for your auto glass repair needs guarantees a job that meets your satisfaction. Contact us today! We listen to your preferences and make sure your auto glass needs get well-taken care of throughout the repair process. Insurance coverage will be considered, and we can contact needed insurance representatives to make sure all avenues of savings are exhausted. When you visit your nearest service center, the shop personnel will provide a written quote along with the repair time so you know when you can drive away with your new glass. For repair and windshield replacement Miramar drivers can also opt for our mobile team to do the work. When you call our number, simply describe your glass issue to our representative, and our technicians will offer a quote and setup an appointment.

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