Professional Windshield Replacement

Handy Auto Glass does flawless windshield replacement services in Kendall, Florida at convenient times for you during the work day. Our competently trained specialists have undergone the necessary technical indoctrination and in-shop experience to deliver the quality service you should expect from a professional windshield repair job. To ensure a job well done, our personnel are trained in the latest automotive technologies and their skills honed to provide consistent and outstanding results. Our highly-trained team replaces broken automobile windows with guaranteed top caliber results. You can rest assured that our work complies with the glass benchmarks set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard.

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Mobile Replacement and Repair in the Kendall Area

Roadside assistance is a hallmark of our service ability. In a few more challenging cases, the car is brought to a Handy shop where we can give the specialized attention needed to fix any automotive glass. Instances occur where you may not be able to visit our nearest service centers personally. We will come to your aide at your location most any day of the week, excluding Sundays and Holidays, when you need services at your doorstep.


When to Know If Glass Is Up For Replacement

Not tending to damaged glass makes it prone to even further damage as cracks spread during bumpy drives and simple temperature changes as night cycles to day. If the damage exceeds the size of a hockey puck, keeping the damaged windshield could cause you problems from visual obstruction. Damage left unattended becomes contaminated with road dirt making future repairs unsightly and more likely to fail over time. Cracks and chips near the edges of the glass panel are not repairable and the only service option is full replacement of the panel. There are cases where it is more practical to choose a replacement over repair of a rock ding due to safety considerations, even if replacement costs more than the latter.

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Our Service Centers Follow Carmaker Specifications

The surface of the frame is cleaned by scraping off the residue of old adhesives and other compounds during the process of front car window replacement. It takes practiced skill and technical expertise to deliver an excellent repair and replacement. We remove dirt and debris in preparation for the new window and place tape on car surfaces to help avoid paint damage from the urethane primer. Aside from adhesive, the window pane is secured with fasteners and plastic molding. A step by step procedure needs to be followed when a car windshield gets installed. In the early part of the process, we cut away the damaged glass, slicing through the old urethane adhesive to safely lift away the glass pane from the car.

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A Brief Look at Replacing a Side Car Window

A smashed side window can result in many problems. The gaping hole may not only allow weather and exhaust fumes into the car, but also make it easy for thieves to enter and steal belongings inside or even drive off with the vehicle. Visit our Kendall, Florida workshop for an assessment of the damage to your window. Do not let a damaged side window compromise the well-being of the car, its driver and its passengers. To fix and replace the broken window, the door assembly first needs to be separated from the car frame. Glass debris is completely removed from the door panel and interior by vacuuming. New glass is fitted and clamped in the correct position. Following reattachment of the car panel, a technician rechecks the mechanism with a final testing protocol.

Repairing the Rear Glass

Our team replaces shattered rear windows. During prep work, existing bonding compounds and other residue are removed cleanly from the metal surface of the vehicle. The same materials and compounds used on front glass are also used to give the rear glass the needed strength for the journey ahead.


The Modern Multi-Purpose Windshield

Car windows not only protect you from hard winds, but also from snow, rain and dust. The obvious role of a windshield is to not let these external inconveniences hinder the driver from maneuvering the vehicle. Attending industry conventions and reading technical releases from the manufacturers enable shops in our network to keep on top of the changes. Car glass features differ from one automobile brand to another. Windshields serve more benefits than just being a shield from the weather: they provide structural rigidity to the whole cabin area, prevent flying debris from hitting the car occupants, and in general help ensure passenger safety and comfort.

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The Making of Laminated Windshields

Automobile manufacturers embraced the invention of the worlds first laminated glass product in the early part of the twentieth century. Creating laminated glass requires the combination of two layers of tempered glass squeezing a middle sheet of polyvinyl butyral, exposure to high temperatures and uniform pressing with rollers to bond the layers together without any air bubbles. Laminated glass became the required material for making windshields many years ago. The layered construction in combination with the film of poly-vinyl butryal (PVB) creates a material resistant to shattering.

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Tempered Glass Found throughout the Car

Front door, rear door, vent, and rear quarter glass are typically made from uncoated tempered glass. Only non-shattering laminated safety glass gets used in windshields. Tempered glass is legislated in the auto glass requirements for vehicles’ windshields, side windows and other glass sections surrounding the car because of its incredible strength, derived from a special process of temperature manipulation.


Handy Guarantees a Hassle-Free Transaction for your Repair Needs

If you have a vehicle that needs servicing or simply inquiring for a quotation, call Handy Auto Glass directly for immediate assistance. Insurance coverage will be considered, and we can contact needed insurance representatives to make sure all avenues of savings are exhausted. We will help you submit the documents needed to file a claim. Filling in small chip damage takes thirty minutes or so while a complete replacement will take part of the morning or afternoon. We will work to accommodate your schedule and preferences and ensure your auto glass needs get well-taken care of throughout the process.

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A big rock left a hole in my windshield. These guys were great and had a new window installed and ready to go the same day I dropped it off.

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