Professional Windshield Replacement Service in Kendale Lakes, Florida

For convenience and reliability, let Handy Auto Glass take care of your windshield replacement. We pride ourselves in our compliance with the glass benchmarks set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard. Handy personnel use only the best quality materials and tools to complete our signature brand service. Our highly-trained team replaces broken automobile windows with guaranteed professional results.

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Time-Saving Mobile Glass Repair in the Kendale Lakes Area

Take advantage of our roadside service. We can perform small repairs and complete window replacement at your location. While most jobs can be completed off site, in a few instances auto glass work needs to be finished inside our workshop where our specialized facilities are located instead of our mobile servicing option. Our expert personnel will deliver the needed service directly to the site of the vehicle. You don’t need to visit our shop to get your broken window glass replaced.

Auto Glass Repair or Replacement? Figuring It Out

Even if the damage is repairable, if it gets in the way of the driver seeing out of the windshield, it is still more practical and safe to replace the whole glass to prevent an accident. It is understandable wanting to save a few of dollars if nothing of importance will be compromised, but when the safety of the people riding in the vehicle becomes an issue, it is wise to make the investment. Damaged glass may lead to further cracking and glass deterioration from prolonged use and exposure to the elements. When the degree of the damage exceeds a certain point—for example, if the damaged portion is comparable to the size of a mobile phone—then the window needs replacement. If there is a visual obstruction in the line of sight of the driver from your crack or damage, often the glass will need replacement given safety considerations, especially if any grime has accumulated in the broken areas.

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How to Replace a Damaged Windshield

When we get calls for auto glass service, we follow tested procedures for getting the job done right. The damaged glass is cut from the welded frame that holds the windscreen (the pinch-weld). By using primer on the band around the front window, we strengthen the bond between the urethane adhesive and the new window. When the adhesive has set and dried, the necessary gasket is placed to fill the resulting gaps to complete the installation. During the process of front car window replacement, we remove plastic molding to access and remove fasteners. To properly separate the glass from the car frame, the urethane adhesive needs cutting. With the glass safely removed, the new bonding surfaces are cleaned, and the car frame prepped for the new glass. After shop technicians install the glass and all the attachments are reinstalled, removable tape may be applied around the window while the bonding agent sets.

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Fixing a Side Car Window

A broken side window can result in many problems including compromising the safety of the car, its driver and its passengers. Visit our workshop for an assessment of the damage to your window. If there are holes or temporary covers, your passengers, belongings and the interior of your car can be vulnerable to weather and intrusion. In the event that glass replacement proves to be the best option, the procedure includes removing the door panel to access the window mechanism within. Broken glass and the remaining pieces are cleaned up completely with larger debris removed by hand and smaller bits in the interior cleaned by vacuuming. New glass is fitted and clamped into position, and following reattachment of the car panel, a technician rechecks the mechanicals with a final testing protocol.

Our Kendale Lakes Pros Can Help You Repair your Rear Window

The process of replacing the rear windshield of the vehicle resembles that of the front. The protocol includes cutting the glass out from its frame and striping off the excess urethane and weather stripping, cleaning away dirt and grime, and then applying anti-rust agents and primer. To attach the new rear car glass, urethane bonding adhesive is spread between the frame and the glass, followed by fitting of the necessary gaskets to secure its position and hold.


Windshields – Your Protection against Nature

Car windows not only protect you from strong winds, but also from snow, rain and dirt. Attending industry conferences and reading technical releases from the manufacturers enable shops in our network to keep on top of changes to makes and models. Having a weak spot in your windshield while driving can affect your comfort and your chance of injury resulting from an accident. Some useful features available on today’s cars include cell phone antennas, blowers, and rain sensors. The windshield also reinforces the frame of the car, making it a vital piece in the protection of the people riding in the vehicle.

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The Story Behind Laminated Safety Glass

After years of development following its initial invention, laminated safety glass finds itself protecting drivers and passengers in vehicles around the world. While not motivated by a driving incident, the invention of the shatter-resistant windshield was inspired by another type of accident. In 1903, a chemist working in a new area of chemistry called polymers, found that a glass container broken in his lab held together because of a thin film of dried plastic. It was the invention of the worlds first laminated glass product.

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Break-Resistant Tempered Glass Keeps Your Passengers Secure

Front door, rear door, vent, and rear quarter glass are typically made from tempered glass. The glass used in these applications has up to a maximum of ten times the strength of the normal glass material before tempering, and when the tempered glass breaks, it crumbles into small, dull pieces unlikely to cut car occupants. Tempered glass, layered like a sandwich with a polymer filling, fits the requirement for safe and strong windshields.


Expect a Repair Well-Done by Handy

You need not be out-of-pocket for your damaged window. We can help you submit claim documents to your insurance carrier so your bill gets covered over your deductible amount. Our personnel will be happy to assist you. If you have a vehicle that needs servicing or simply inquiring for a quotation, call Handy Auto Glass directly. We offer same-day service in most cases with a two to four hour turnaround time. Just sit back and relax as our team of expert technicians in Kendale Lakes delivers what we do best: windshield replacement and repair.

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