Our Professionals Offer Reliable Windshield Replacement

Handy Auto Glass guarantees OEM or equivalent quality glass for the replacement and repair of car windshields and windows in Homestead, Florida. We take pride in what we do, ensuring that our customers get the best service available to them while adhering to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard. All our procedures undergo regular review and updates to stay current on new developments in the automotive industry so that our customers can feel at ease leaving their automobiles in our hands for refurbishing damaged windows or installing a replacement. Call us today and see how our services can help you. Our expert team is knowledgeable in both the classroom learning and the actual hands on techniques and experience needed to perform each task effectively.

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Mobile Auto Glass Service

Take advantage of our convenient mobile service for solving your auto glass problems. Our mobile capabilities cover you in case you need a simple rock chip repair or a full replacement of your car window. We offer quick and efficient mobile services wherever you are in the area. Our team will schedule your auto service at a time that works best for you. For convenient auto glass replacement and repair, call us to reach the nearest service center in Homestead, Florida.

Knowing When to Have Your Car Glass Replaced

When the auto glass damage is too extensive or if it gets in the way of seeing out of the vehicle, we suggest that our customers have it replaced. Resorting to repairing damaged glass when it should have been replaced can lead to further disintegration of the glass upon exposure to freezing and thawing, bumps and daily temperature changes. Car window repair of cracks and dings is a far more affordable option than replacement. The effects go beyond the cracks seen on the glass: not attending to a windshield repair impedes the line of vision of the driver and endangers the well being of passengers. Large rock dings and spider webbing means large visual obstruction which could result in accidents.

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How Front Windshield Reinstallation Takes Place

When we get calls for auto glass service, we always do our best to get things done cleanly. Electrical fittings are reattached and car model specific gasket and trim are used to fill in the gaps between the glass and the car frame to finish the new installation. Gasket and trim serve to block water and grime from reaching the bonding agent that anchors the window to the car and also improve the look of a vehicle. Technicians remove old adhesive and dirt from the frame of the window. Ahead of adhesive, a primer is applied to improve the setting strength and quality of the bonding agent. A rust inhibiting compound is spread around the exposed areas of the frame before applying a urethane primer compound. The glass is then placed over the frame firmly so that all bonding compounds and surfaces fit snugly with each other while setting the gasket to fill the gaps in the attachment edges.

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Fitting in a Side Car Window

Your side windows serve as protection against external elements (rain, dust, snow) reaching the inside of your vehicle. Contact us today to receive the service that you deserve. Putting up a temporary cover may work for a time, but you may end up with soggy carpets after a good rain. Talk with us so that our personnel can thoroughly assess the extent of the damage and choose if repair of the cracked area or replacement presents the right choice. In the event that glass replacement pans out as the best option, the whole panel for the door is disassembled so that the broken glass and remaining pieces can be cleaned up completely. Car window functions are tested afterward. For newly installed side windows, we will check and, if necessary, repair any mechanical functionality, like raising and lowering the window.

Handy Rear Glass Replacement

Replacing broken rear auto glass is similar to replacing a damaged windshield. The protocol includes cutting the glass out from its frame and striping off the excess urethane and weather stripping, similar to the process for replacing front windows. To attach the new rear car glass, urethane bonding adhesive is spread between the frame and the glass, followed by fitting of the necessary gaskets to secure its position and hold. We offer replacement as well as rear windshield repair of a small damaged area.

Windshields Are More Than Wind Blockers

Car windows not only protect you from harsh winds, but also from snow, rain and dirt. Auto glass plays a vital role in vehicle security plus supports the structural integrity of your car cabin. But with damaged glass, a compromise on these features, along with the safety and driving experience, emerges. Having a weak spot in your windshield while driving can affect your comfort and your chance of injury resulting from an accident. Now, windshields feature many kinds of added functionality such as wipers, driver assist systems, defogging systems, polarized shades and more, all of which significantly improve the driving experience.

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Discovery of Windshield Material – Laminated Glass

Today’s windshields also include things like light sensors and rain sensors attached on the finished windshield. Early windshields shattered like a drinking glass, and while they blocked wind and bugs, the glass certainly presented a hazard during an accident. The tempered and coated glass is now fitted with accessories and technologies for a more care free and comfortable driving experience. The design ensures that even with a strong collision, the glass shards of the car won’t hit the driver and the passengers. Edouard Benedictus, a French chemist, accidentally discovered the useful material known as laminated glass.

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Safe Driving Demands Tempered Glass

Tempered glass, layered like a sandwich with a polymer filling, satisfies the important need for safe and strong windshields. While laminated auto safety glass includes tempered glass as a component, the tempered glass also performs alone in other requirements of cars. A strong material, tempered glass derives its durability from a repeated rapid heating and cooling process (tempering).


Visit Us at the Shop Nearest You in the Homestead, Florida Area

Your glass concerns will be discussed upon your visit in our shop with our service supervisor. Technicians will address your needs and proceed to inspect and assess the damage to your vehicle’s glass. If you wish, we can handle your car insurance submission and depending upon your coverage, complete your repair for just the cost of your deductible. We guarantee the quality of our work and endeavor to exceed your expectations. When in need of auto glass or windshield replacement Homestead residents contact us for reliable and timely service. Handy is your best choice for your auto glass repair needs. Contact us today!

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