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Here at Handy Auto Glass, we make sure that our customers get the best value for their money from our windshield replacement services in Hollywood, Florida. We employ only the best technicians in the area. We certify that our procedures of installation, as well as the materials used, meet or exceed industry standards like the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard. Our highly-trained team replaces broken automobile windows with guaranteed professional results. We uphold the quality of our installations and work by keeping the team up to date on the newest technologies and repair protocols.

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Try Out Our Repair On-the-Go

If you ever require an auto glass repair but do not have the time to travel, Handy Auto Glass can deliver what you need to your location with our mobile work crew. Our standby experts will go directly to your vehicle so you can get on about your day without the hassle of running your vehicle to our shop. If ever the damage cannot be thoroughly repaired on-site, it can be brought immediately to the nearest Handy center in the Hollywood area for complete service.

Advice on Getting Your Car Glass Replaced

Wanting to delay a repair to save a few of dollars would make sense if nothing of importance would be put at risk, but when the safety of the people riding in your vehicle becomes an issue, it is wise to make the expenditure. Auto glass replacement costs more than repairing a small defect, therefore choosing windshield repair makes sense when the patched windshield will perform as well as a new windshield. When a small repair proves a viable option, it is likely that you will increase the service life of a window, but sometimes filling a crack or hole does not prevent a crack from growing, forcing a future replacement. Large rock dings and spider webbing means large visual obstruction which could result in accidents. Simply driving your vehicle around on the roads can make a crack grow beyond the possibility of patching it up, forcing a complete reinstallation of the glass.

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Our Shops Adhere to Auto Industry Best Standards

During the repair of windshields, our team separates the damaged glass to be repaired from the pinch-weld which houses the whole front window. We clean the area in preparation for the new window and place tape to help avoid paint damage from the urethane primer. The surface of the frame is cleaned by scraping off the residue of the old adhesives and other compounds. The points of contact are spread with urethane adhesive, and the new glass is installed and any necessary electronic hookups completed. To remove the damaged glass at the outset, we cut through the urethane adhesive bonding it to the car’s structural frame. The window is secured with adhesive and fasteners, and these are protected from road oils and weather with black gasketing and trim.

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A Look at the Side Auto Window Repair Process

A broken side window can result in many problems. If the window is missing and you have added a temporary cover, your passengers, personal belongings and the interior of your car can be impacted. By choosing us to help, you and your loved ones receive peace of mind that comes from top service and quality. It is best to call our hotline and let our expert team handle your immediate glass problem and prevent bigger issues from unfolding. To replace damaged door glass, technicians disconnect the battery to prevent any electric short circuit and then remove the door panel from the car body while collecting the glass pieces from inside. Glass debris is completely removed from the door panel and interior by vacuuming. New glass is fitted and clamped in the corresponding position. For newly installed side windows, we will check and, if necessary, repair any window control mechanisms.

Rear Automotive Glass Replacement

The process of replacing the rear windshield of the vehicle resembles that of the front. The procedure follows the same general steps for windshield glass removal, reattachment and sealing with the exception that electrical components differ and no rear view mirror exists. To attach the new rear car glass, urethane bonding adhesive is spread between the frame and the glass, followed by fitting of the necessary gaskets to secure its position and hold.


The Importance of Windshields

The windshield reinforces the frame of the car, making it a vital piece in the protection of the people riding in the vehicle. Having a weak spot in your windshield while driving can affect your comfort and your chance of injury resulting from an accident. Carmakers regularly introduce novel innovations for improving safety and convenience, and it’s important for glass installers to stay up to date on the latest improvements. Car and truck owners in Hollywood, Florida need to maintain the strength of their windshields, so that they can enjoy its benefits and preserve peace of mind.

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Lamination Key to Windshield Safety

Laminated glass became the required material for making windshields many years ago. Early windscreens shattered like a drinking glass, and while they blocked wind and bugs, the glass certainly presented a hazard during an accident. Modern front car windows are the culmination of years of innovation in the automobile industry. While not motivated by a driving incident, the invention of the shatter-resistant windshield was inspired by another type of accident when a chemist knocked over a flask containing dried up polymer. The broken glass fragments stayed stuck together by the coating.

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Automobiles Require Tempered Glass

Front door, rear door, vent, and rear quarter glass are typically made from uncoated tempered glass. The strength in tempered glass comes from its manufacturing process wherein a heating and cooling cycle forces the glass into a permanent state of high compression. Only non-shattering laminated safety glass gets used in windshields.


Friendly Helpful Service Is Our Nature

If you have an active insurance policy, a service team member can inquire on your behalf if the insurance company will cover the expenses. Just provide your insurance information, and we will handle the paperwork for you. We offer a same day service option – drive your car home within two to four hours with a new windshield in most cases. For repair and windshield replacement Hollywood Florida drivers can visit our shop or we can drive to you with our mobile team. When in need of auto glass repair, contact us for reliable and timely service.

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