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You can always turn to the Handy Auto Glass team of windshield replacement experts if ever you are in a bind with your car glass or car window. Call us today and see how our services can help you. To ensure a job well done, our personnel are trained in the latest automotive technologies and their skills honed to provide consistent and outstanding results. All our procedures adhere to state and federal standards such as the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards so that our customers can feel at ease leaving their automobiles in our hands for refurbishing damaged windows or installing a replacement. We employ some the best technicians in the area.

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Convenient Mobile Glass Replacement in the Hialeah Area

We offer quick and efficient mobile services wherever you are in the area. Our mobile vans come fully stocked with all the supplies necessary for service of your vehicle. Instances occur where you may not be able to visit our nearest service centers personally so roadside assistance is easier.

Handy Pros Can Handle Your Repair or Replacement

Dirt can accumulate in cracked and chipped areas, making repairs more visible, so it makes sense to deal with damage more quickly than not. Repairing is feasible up to a certain crack or rock ding size (driver’s license rectangular area) and can depend upon the extent of damage (does not obstruct the view of the driver). When filling a chip proves a viable option, it is likely that you will increase the service life of a window, but sometimes patching a crack or hole does not prevent a crack from growing, forcing a future replacement. For anything too severe, we recommend auto glass replacement; if damage is left as is, the glass may deteriorate further during vehicle use and endanger the passengers inside the vehicle. Large rock dings and spider webbing means large visual obstruction which could result in accidents.

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Windshield Replacement Hialeah Follows A Detailed Process

An even ribbon of adhesive compound fastens the new glass when laid down on its final position. To replace a severely damaged windshield, shop personnel clean the area first. A special gasket seals the glass edge to finish the windshield replacement process. The surface of the frame is prepped by scraping off the residue of the old adhesives and other compounds. Installing a new windshield starts off at the removal of the gasket or molding that houses the damaged glass. Our shop team removes old adhesive in preparation for the new window and places tape to help avoid paint damage from the urethane primer. The points of contact are spread with urethane adhesive, and the new glass is installed and any necessary electronic hookups completed.

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Installing a Car Window on the Door

Putting up a temporary cover may work for a time, but you may end up with soggy carpets after a good rain. The side glass on your car serves to protect you and your passengers from the elements outside like rain, snow, dirt and pollution. Contact us today to get the service that you deserve. We do full replacement as well as fixing small cracks. Our team of experts offers a lasting solution to your damaged car window problem. In the event that glass replacement pans out as the best option, the whole panel for the door gets removed so that the broken glass and remaining pieces can be cleaned up completely. Car window functions are tested afterward. The raising mechanism is tested for reliability before and after reattaching the door assembly to its original position.

How Our Hialeah, Florida Team Can Help You Replace your Rear Window

Our team replaces crunched and smashed rear windows. We offer replacement as well as rear windshield repair. The surfaces are then cleaned before fitting new glass to the car frame. The bonded surfaces get coated with a rust inhibitor, urethane primer and urethane adhesive compounds before repair specialists put on the new glass and finish the job with electrical and gasket components.


The Surprising Features of Windshields

The windshield forms an important part of the car or truck. Now, windshields feature many kinds of added functionality such as wipers, driver assist systems, defogging systems, polarized shades and more, all of which significantly improve the driving experience. Carmakers regularly introduce novel innovations for improving safety and convenience, and it’s important for glass installers to stay up to date on the latest improvements. Car glass features differ from one automobile brand to another.

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Tremendous Innovation Led to Modern Auto Glass

Front car windows have tempered glass layers pressed together on a layer of poly-vinyl butryal (PVB) – the coating that prevents shattering. The tempered and coated glass is fitted with accessories and technologies for a more care free and comfortable driving experience. Windshields are taken for granted but embody mind-bending innovation by the automobile industry. Laminated glass became the required material for making windshields many years ago. Believe it or not, early auto glass was little different from a standard house window.

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Tempered Glass Protects Against Injury

A strong material, tempered glass derives its durability from a repeated rapid heating and cooling process (tempering). Through this process, the material can withstand up to ten times the crash force of non-tempered glass. Tempered glass is sometimes called heavy-duty, designed to withstand blunt force shock.


What Happens on the Day of Your Scheduled Glass Repair

On your visit to our shop, our friendly personnel will walk you through the repair process step by step. If you wish, we can handle your car insurance submission and depending upon your coverage, complete your repair for just the cost of your deductible. Prior to servicing your vehicle, you will be informed of the scope and duration of the work. Technicians will hear your concerns and proceed to inspect and assess your damaged vehicle glass. After completion of services and on your approval, the shop personnel will go ahead with your insurance claim and handle all the processing and paperwork. When in need of auto glass repair or windshield replacement Hialeah residents contact us for reliable and timely service.

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My front windshield got replaced. They had it done by lunchtime which was super because I needed my car later in the day. No problems.

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