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Handy Auto Glass guarantees OEM or equivalent quality glass for the replacement and repair of car windshields and windows in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. All materials used in our processes have been quality vetted and specially picked for the needs of our clients. Trained in up-to-date industry skills and recent automotive advances, our technicians can evaluate the repair needs of your car glass and proceed with the solution that best addresses the problem, guaranteeing your satisfaction while maintaining our reputation in Fort Lauderdale as a reliable and professional car shop. Handy personnel use only the best quality materials and tools to complete our signature brand service. We seek out and employ only the best technicians in the area.

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Stuck? Try Our Mobile Auto Glass Repair Service

Our service vehicles can perform repairs in your driveway. While most jobs can be completed off site, in a few instances auto glass work needs to be finished inside our workshop where our specialized facilities are located instead of our mobile servicing option. But you don’t need to visit our shop to get your broken window glass replaced. Our team will carefully assess your vehicle and implement a solution on-site.


Our Team Can Do Repair or Replacement, Depending on the Situation

A common question is whether a crack can be simply repaired instead of replacing the whole windshield. It is understandable wanting to save a few of dollars if nothing of importance will be compromised, but when the safety of the people riding in the vehicle becomes an issue, it is wise to know when replacement is necessary. Front glass with damage on an edge or cracks larger than the palm of your hand will generally need replacement. Putting off the installation may lead to further cracking and glass deterioration from continued use and exposure to the elements. If there is a visual obstruction in the line of sight of the driver from your crack or damage, often the glass will need replacement given safety considerations, especially if any grime has accumulated in the broken areas.

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How Front Windshield Reinstallation Takes Place

Handy keeps in stock front glass for a wide variety of makes and models of vehicles. Installing a new windshield starts off with the removal of the gasket and molding that houses the damaged glass panel. The broken windscreen is then cut from the frame welded around the front window (the pinch-weld). Workers then use suction grips to lift the glass from the window frame and prepare surfaces for new bonding agent. After the new windshield is lowered onto the vehicle, the quality of the seal is inspected before reinstallation of rubber seals and trim. Electronic assists and accessories are also reinstalled and hooked back together. Once the bond sets, the vehicle can be driven but care should be taken for twenty-four hours, the time it takes for full curing.

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Replacing a Side Car Window

It is best to call our hotline and let our expert team handle your immediate glass problem and prevent additional issues from unfolding. Throwing cardboard or a plastic sheet over damaged side glass is an invitation for thieves to steal from your car. It is advisable to repair your car’s side window(s) as soon as possible for safety reasons as well. Without having your vehicle’s window fixed, you’re also an easy target for car theft. Service starts with a review of your glass damage. In case there are glass bits inside your vehicle, we will clean and vacuum your car before we install any new windows. Testing mechanical function of the side window and recleaning of the interior completes the fixing process.

Replacing the Rear Glass

Replacing rear windshields ensues in the same manner as front glass reinstallation. The major variance concerns electrical and mirror elements. Protective plastic molding is peeled off before cutting away the glass from the frame of the vehicle. Like the front windshield, the steps include glass removal, reattachment and sealing with the exception that electrical components differ and no rear view mirror exists. The same materials and compounds are also used to give the rear glass the needed strength for the journey ahead.


The Important Features of Windshields

Some features available today on windscreens include cell phone antennas, blowers and rain sensors. A strong, intact front windshield is also required from a safety standpoint because the passenger airbag is specifically designed to bounce off the front passenger window. The windshield also reinforces the frame of the car, making it a vital piece in the protection of the people riding in the vehicle. And, of course, windshields serve as your protection against the natural elements outside your car such as rain, hail, wind, sun and pollution.

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Some History About the Development of Auto Glass

Windshields are engineered materials that represent enormous innovation by the automobile industry over many years. More than one hundred years ago when Edouard Benedictus slipped and pushed over a flask made of glass thinly coated with plastic, he discovered that the broken glass pieces did not burst like they usually do, but instead stayed together. This chance happening led to the development of laminated safety glass and windshields.

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Tempered Glass as a Safety Material

The impact of a sharp object breaks tempered glass more easily than a blunt object. And when tempered glass does break, the pieces are typically not sharp enough to cause harm. Unlike laminated safety panes, tempered panes do not necessarily have a plastic film to contain broken pieces; so while it resists breakage, when it does smash the whole window can fall to bits resulting in little glass pebbles. Compared to simple house window glass, tempered glass is heavy-duty, designed to withstand a strong concussion.


We Give Customer Focused Service

For repair and windshield replacement Fort Lauderdale drivers are typically covered by insurance. Our accommodating personnel will provide a quote along with our suggestion for a practical remedy and how long it will take to finish the glass work. Once a course of action is decided upon, our team can check whether your existing insurance covers a part or all of your repair/replacement expenses. When you call us initially for a quote, you will only need to describe the glass issue to our representative. On your visit to our shop, technicians will check the damage. Prior to servicing your vehicle, you will be informed of the scope and duration of the work. Just sit back and relax as our team of expert technicians delivers what we do best: windshield replacement and repair.

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