Reliable Windshield Replacement Service

The pros at Handy Auto Glass make sure that clients get the best value for their money from our windshield replacement services in Davie, Florida. All our procedures adhere to state and federal standards so that drivers can feel at ease leaving their automobiles in our hands for refurbishing damaged windows or installing a replacement. We take pride in what we do, ensuring that our clients get the best service available to them. You can never go wrong with us when things go wrong with your car glass. To ensure a job well done, our personnel are trained in the latest automotive technologies and their skills honed to provide consistent and outstanding results.

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Get Glass Replaced Anywhere with our Mobile Auto Glass Solutions

Our mobile service team takes their supplies and equipment with them to service your vehicle at a location convenient to you. In the unlikely event the damage is unrepairable on-site, a visit to our nearest shop in the Davie area will be the next viable course of action. Our expert personnel can perform rock chip repairs and full window replacements at the site of your vehicle. We will come to your aide most any day of the week, excluding Sundays and Holidays, if you need a professional replacement.


Attend to Repair Issues Quickly for Best Results and Safety

Handy repairs small cracks and rock chips in your glass at a lower cost than a replacement. When the auto glass damage is too extensive or if it gets in the way of your seeing out of the vehicle, we suggest that drivers have it replaced. Here’s a common tip to help you check the severity of the damage: if the damaged portion is bigger than your mobile phone, it generally needs replacement. If there is a visual obstruction in the line of sight of the driver from crack or damage, often the glass will need replacement given safety considerations, especially if any grime has accumulated in the broken areas.

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For a Windshield Replacement Davie Florida Pros Follow a Detailed Process

An even ribbon of adhesive compound fastens the new glass when laid down on its final position. Unless you tell us otherwise, we reuse components removed during a replacement if they are still undamaged and reliable. For good adhesion, the adhesive needs to set for fixed amount of time. A step by step procedure is followed during the whole car windshield installation. Replacing a windshield is a simple process in theory yet it takes great expertise and experience. To replace a severely damaged windshield, shop personnel clean the area first and remove glass from the interior of the vehicle. Our specialists remove the windscreen from the car frame by first pulling off the molding affixed to it.

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Some of the Steps Involved in Replacing a Side Car Window

Without having your vehicle’s window fixed, you’re an easy target for car theft. It is advisable to repair your car’s side window(s) as soon as possible by calling us. Side windows protect the well-being of the people inside the vehicle as well as their things. Visit our Davie workshop for an assessment of the damage to your window. Service starts with a review of your glass damage. In case there are shards of glass inside your vehicle, we will clean and vacuum your car before we install any new windows. Once reattached, the window mechanism is tested for functionality, and the door panel is put back in its position.

Handy Performs Rear Glass Installation

Replacing the rear glass installation overlaps in many respects the procedure for replacing the front windshield. Our team replaces completely broken rear windows. Existing bonding compounds and other residue are removed cleanly from the surface. The OEM or equivalent materials and compounds are used to give the rear glass the needed strength for the journey ahead.


Windshields Guard You from More than Just the Weather

Damaged front glass compromises the safety and possibly the function of related components attached to the glass. Windshields offer critical benefits, like enhancing the structural strength of the passenger compartment in the car and providing an unobstructed field of vision in all weather and driving speeds. Thanks to today’s technology, other functions are now incorporated within the windshield: defogging mechanisms, proximity sensors, tints and rain sensors.

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A Brief History of Tempered Glass and Windshields

Windshields are made from laminated glass, discovered accidentally by a chemist in 1903. From this discovery, laminated glass has now found its place as the safety glass installed for the protection of drivers and passengers in vehicles around the world. The design ensures that even with a strong collision, the glass shards of the car are unlikely to hit the driver and the passengers. In front car glass, tempered glass layers are pressed together on a layer of poly-vinyl butryal (PVB) – the coating that prevents shattering. Development of the windshield didn’t happen overnight.

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Drive Safely behind Tempered Glass

Tempered glass matured into today’s material of choice for brands of car makers around the world. Tempered glass, made strong by quick temperature cycling, is used for various articles in the vehicle such as sliders, sunroofs and side glass. The heat treated glass has about ten times the strength of the untreated material, and when broken, crumbles into small, dull pieces unlikely to cut the skin. Laminated tempered glass is used in windshields.


Visit a Handy Shop and Sit Back as We Do All the Work

Expect quality service with us. We guarantee the quality of our work here in Davie, Florida. Our repair and replacement services for your car windows typically take from one to four hours. A proposed solution for your damages (repair or replacement) and the duration of the work will be presented to you ahead of time, leaving you well-informed about the process. If you have a vehicle that needs servicing or simply inquiring for a quotation, call Handy Auto Glass directly. Handy is your best choice for your auto glass repair needs. Contact us today! At the shop, our technicians will assess the damage and discuss with you the service required.

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