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For convenience and reliability, let Handy Auto Glass take care of your windshield replacement in Coral Gables. We uphold the quality of our installations and work by keeping the team up to date on the newest technologies and repair protocols. When our qualified team helps you with your vehicle’s windshield, they follow procedures based on the national Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard. You can never go wrong with us when things go wrong with your car glass.

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Mobile Windshield Repair in Your Driveway!

If you ever require an auto glass repair but do not have the time to travel, Handy Auto Glass can deliver what you need to your location. Our expert personnel will deliver the needed service directly to the site of the vehicle. Our standby experts will go directly to your vehicle so you can get on about your day without the hassle of running your vehicle to our shop. Technicians can go to your location if ever your situation prevents you from driving on the road with your glass problem.


Getting Your Car Glass Replaced

Handy repairs your glass at a lower cost than a replacement. Our team guarantees the most cost effective service option. For anything more severe, we recommend auto glass replacement; if damage is left as is, the glass may crack further during vehicle use and endanger the passengers inside the vehicle. When repairing a chip proves a viable option, it is likely that you will increase the service life of a window, but sometimes filling a crack or hole does not prevent a crack from growing, forcing a future replacement. Here’s a common tip to help you check the severity of the damage: if the damaged portion is bigger than your mobile phone, it generally needs replacement.

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Snapshot of the Windshield Installation Process

By using primer on the band around the front window, we strengthen the bond between the urethane adhesive and the new window. After removing the molding, the whole glass panel is cut from its original position and then removed. Reinserting the windshield gasket and trim seals the gaps found on the edges of the auto glass. Our expert personnel carefully remove the windshield’s surrounding plastic molding. For superior adhesion, the adhesive needs to set for a specific period of time, and removable tape helps secure the repair for the first 24 hours. Out the outset of a replacement, our specialists remove the broken glass from the car frame by first untethering the molding that holds it in place. An even ribbon of adhesive compound fastens the new glass when laid down on the steel car frame.

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Why You Should Replace Your Damaged Side Window

If one of your side windows gets damaged or smashed, the outside elements will have an entry point into your vehicle, ruining your upholstery, unraveling your nerves, and potentially causing bodily injury. The side glass on your car serves to protect you and your passengers from rain, snow, dirt and pollution. Replacing a broken side glass window requires accommodating the door’s internal roller control mechanism. Our team of experts offers a lasting solution to your damaged car window problem. If replacement is the practical choice, the glass is safely removed from the door panel and the interior of the vehicle with the new glass secured on the door. Remaining glass is detached from its holders and then replaced with a new piece. For newly installed side windows, we will check and, if necessary, repair any mechanical functionality, like raising and lowering the window.

About Rear Windshield Reinstallation

Replacing rear windshields ensues in the same manner as front glass removal and reattachment. The major variance concerns electrical and mirror elements. Protective plastic molding is peeled off before cutting away the glass from the frame of the vehicle. The protocol includes cutting the glass out from its frame and striping off the excess urethane and weather stripping, similar to the process for replacing front windows. Once the adhesive is set, the trim and gaskets are installed.


Windshields – Your Barrier against Weather

An intact windshield is a necessity in any vehicle. Thanks to today’s technology, other functions are now incorporated within the windshield: defogging mechanisms, proximity sensors, tints and rain sensors. Carmakers regularly introduce novel innovations for improving safety and convenience, and it’s important for glass installers to stay up to date on the latest improvements. Some of the features available today include cell phone antennas, blowers, and rain sensors. A damaged windshield compromises a car’s structural integrity, and in case of an accident, can lead to physical injury for the occupants.

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Coated Tempered Glass Shaped into Windshields

The discovery of polymer-coated glass dates to the early 1900s by a French chemist by the name of Benedictus. His discovery led to the auto glass material that protects millions of people each year from flying debris and road accidents. Material scientists and engineers took the initial discovery and advanced it into current-day laminated safety windows early in the twentieth century. The tempered glass layers of windshields are pressed together on a layer of poly-vinyl butryal (PVB) – the coating that prevents shattering. The sandwich effect makes for glass resistant to breakage and protects car occupants from flying pieces of sharp glass. From the initial discovery, laminated glass has now found its place as the front glass solution relied upon by drivers and passengers in vehicles around the world.

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Auto Essentials Include Tempered Glass

Tempered glass matured into today’s material of choice for brands of car makers around the world with the glass used from bumper-to-bumper to make driving safer. From internal stresses introduced during the manufacturing process, the material can withstand up to ten times the force of impact over non-tempered glass. The resulting glass is not only strong but also, when broken, crumbles into small, dull pieces unlikely to cut car occupants.


We Provide Worry-Free Service

When you visit the nearest service center in Coral Gables, Florida, the shop personnel will assist you throughout the necessary steps. Our experts will thoroughly assess the condition of your auto glass and explain the steps to be taken for either crack repair or replacement, including the time it will take to finish the work. A solution for your damages (repair or replacement) and the duration of the work will be presented to you, leaving you well-informed about the process. We offer a same day service option – drive your car home within two to four hours with a new windshield in most cases! A service professional will give you all the details so that you know exactly what to expect with your car.

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