Car Door Window Replacement

Broken side window of car

A broken window in one of your car doors can lead to one of two situations. In the first, you patch it with duct tape and trash bags, cross your fingers and then go flapping along the road looking a little silly; and in the second you see sense, pick up the phone and ask a replacement service to help out.

Cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks all have side windows that are obviously handy for letting in light and air. They also help to keep the car body rigid in a rollover (which is another point against using trash bags and tape), but a solid whack can damage or shatter them. Thieves will often choose a side window as their entry point of choice, and collisions, accidents and falling tree limbs can all be equally destructive.

With the weather being as it is and thieves being what they are, you can’t afford to leave your vehicle vulnerable by settling for a temporary fix. If a side window is broken from road debris or shattered in an accident, calling a repair specialist to get you back on the road is the best thing you can do.

How is a car window replaced?

It’s straightforward, really. When you call an auto window replacement technician they will first inspect the damage, then vacuum up any glass shards and other debris from inside your vehicle. After disconnecting the battery to avoid shorting any electrical fittings, the door panel will be removed to access and get rid of any remaining glass. Then, the brand-new side window is inserted, an exact match for your make and model.

There’s no gluing involved as with front and rear windshields, so the process is much quicker. The final step involves reconnecting the battery and testing the regulator to make sure that the window performs as it’s supposed to; then the door panel is put back in place.

All done! And it only took about an hour, which is sometimes how long it can take just to find the duct tape.


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